We have a wide range of laser sources, laser processing systems and auxiliary equipment that are located in our laboratories. In addition, we have sophisticated morphological, physical-chemical characterization techniques and mechanical tests to evaluate the results of our studies in laboratories of the University of Vigo and collaborating centers of recognized prestige.

The availables laser sources allow to work in a wide range of wavelenghts for material processing:

  • High power diode laser: 1.7 kW
  • Nd:YAG laser: 500 W
  • Nd:YVO4 workstation with three wavelenght: 1064 nm (40 W), 532 nm (20 W) and 355 nm (2 W)
  • High power fiber lasers: 200 W and 3 kW
  • CO2 lasers: 20W, 100 W and 3.5 kW

All the lasers sources work over automated workstations of 2, 4, 5 and 6 axis.

Auxiliar equipment:

  • Real time temperature measurement systems
  • High speed cameras
  • Controlled environment chambers for laser processing
  • Characterization systems: SEM-EDS, TEM, FTIR, Raman, micro and nano hardness, XRD, XRF, ICP, …