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Laser-ON is your technological partner to perform Research and Development projects in the field of applications of LASERS. With more than twenty-five years of experience in these applications, currently has an enthusiastic team of engineers, physical science graduates and doctors trained in this field with full capacity to respond to the technological challenges of the industry. Our team is constantly updated about laser technology, and this knowledge is transferred to our industrial partners, via projects, new developments and patents. The know-how of the whole group of people involved is a guaranty of success at national and international level.


Our mission is to contribute to the improvement of people's well-being and to a sustainable development of our society, boosting the territory through the generation and transmission of knowledge. To fulfil these objectives, we must orient the research activity of the group to solve the challenges face by the productive sector, maturing the new techniques developed in the research laboratories towards their application in the business world. And it is also necessary to combine the work of doctors in our field of research with engineers and management personnel to end with commercial products.


The vision of our group is to become a research and transformation environment of global reference connected with the most relevant international networks in their own areas of knowledge, developing our work in a responsible, competitive and committed to the environment manner, as well as promoting sustainable territorial development. This research unit has a high capacity to adapt and respond to change, giving priority to people and the values of cooperation, trust and co-responsibility in all actions carried out.

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Our group is located at he School of Engineering of the University of Vigo. If you wish to have more information about our institution, please visit the institutional website.

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